Services Provided

Normal Rates: I charge $50 an hour. I will charge mileage at 50 cents/per mile if outside my normal service area. I am always affordable.

My normal service area is the West Plains region (bounded by Cheney (as far as Williams Lake), Airway Heights, Medical Lake, Tyler), Spokane City and Spokane Valley.

Virus/Malware Removal: $40 flat rate for repairs under an hour. $60 flat rate if the repair takes over one hour.

Backups: The increasing prevalence of ransomware that encrypts your precious photos and documents (to the tune of $300 to $950 with no guarantee of recovery) is the main reason you need a disconnected backup of your entire computer: a disk image. I can show you how and I can provide a portable hard drive for sale if needed.

Software: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 8.1, 10 operating system repair, recovery and reinstall. Application install and repair. I will work on the software of tablets, phones and Apple computers.

Hardware: Full desktop and laptop repair services available. Laptop screen replacement a specialty. Printer installs. I don't work on the hardware of tablets nor of phones. I can't get parts for Apple hardware.

Pre-sales consulting is available. I will guide you on how not to overbuy nor underbuy your next computer based on your needs and budget.  (You can buy computers too slow to use straight from the factory!)

I repair computers; I do not do long-term computer training.

Note: Hard drive crashes are usually non-repairable, unless I have the authorization to sub-contract with a data recovery specialist, which are not cheap.

Payments and Subscriptions

If you are paying an invoice, you can do it securely online here: PayPalMe

I offer monthly Retainer Subscriptions with the Subscribe button below.  A Retainer Subscription is for clients who need my services frequently; you get priority service and you only have to pay me once a month. Retainers are $45.